Posted by John Ester on Aug 22, 2017
Trina Garner told us of the many steps in her career and life.
Another product of military parents, Trina was born in Bay City.  In the following years her family moved to a variety of places, including Georgia, Florida, Maryland and Virginia.  While still a teenager Trina joined the Navy and was excited to follow the military path.  This took her to Memphis, where she met her future husband (an even younger teenager).  
After two years in Memphis Trina suffered an on-the-job motorcycle accident that for all practical purposes ended her military career.  She began pursuing her college degree and got married in Bay City. Her husband joined the Coast Guard and became part of the Honor Guard in Washington, DC. When he was transferred to Selfridge Air Force in Michigan, Trina  continued with her education at Oakland Community College and Oakland University.  Subsequent transfers took them to Savannah and Washington, DC.  When her husband was to be transferred to Alaska, they chose instead to move to Traverse City, where Trina took a job at what was then Marshall Field's.
At Marshall Field's Trina became a personal shopper for Vi Labadie, which led to a job offer from Vi's Husband, Norm Labadie. Trina worked for Labadie Home Casuals for three years and in the winter months attended nursing school at Norm's expense.  In the next several years Trina and her family members suffered several medical traumas, and she moved first to New Jersey and then to Florida, where Tina worked for Disney.
After leaving Disney Trina went back to school and obtained a bachelor's and master degree in business administration.  In February of 2017 Trina approached Norm and returned to work for Labadie Home Casuals.  Another welcome addition to Sunrise Rotary!