Bill Anderson succeeded in a big way at Hope College despite what he described as an undistinguished high school career in his hometown of Owosso.
According to Bill, in 1958 he was fortunate to be accepted at Ferris State University, where he studied industrial management.  His senior year he was in a co-op management training program with GM, working at Fisher Body Plant #2 in Grand Rapids.  After a time he became disillusioned with that and through a friend found employment at Big Dutchman, which is in the business of poultry and livestock equipment.  The company was hugely successful, and Bill was instrumental in developing a new accounting system there.
Bill moved on, but in 1968 he had a chance encounter with his old boss, who offered him a job as Comptroller at Hope College.  In three years when Bill's boss left, Bill took over his job.  He later became Vice President of Business and Finance and then Senior Vice-President for Finance and Advancement.  In that capacity he was responsible for raising $150 million for Hope College--a record for small schools.
In 2005 Bill retired and with wife Suzie moved to Platte Lake.  After two years he started a consulting business which he continues today.  At Sunrise Rotary Bill not only has served as President, but also has been Treasurer for both the Club and for our related Foundation.